Varsity Credit Request Form

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I understand that…

  • I have the option to request a maximum of 2 varsity credits during collegiate career at Queens College

  • A varsity credit is a pass/NC grade that is listed as a FNES Team Sports Course

  • I must request the varsity credit by the seventh days of classes during the semester requested

  • Varsity credits are only available during the Fall and Spring terms and are reserved for student-athletes who are academically eligible and actively participating in the sport

  • Only one varsity credit may be applied in a single semester

  • Dual sports athletes are still limited to the two overall varsity credits during their collegiate career

**By law 14.4_Continuing Eligibility: A student must be registered in a minimum of 12 hours, earn a minimum of 9 hours per semester, 18 degree applicable hours during the regular academic term (fall/spring), earn 24 hours over the academic year (maximum of six summer credits), maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA, and declare a major by your 5th semester.

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